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What is probiotic sanitizing?

We believe that the use of probiotics is the future of the cleaning industry, and we’re the first and only residential carpet cleaning company in The Bay Area to offer them to you. There’s so much to know to understand the use of probiotics in carpet cleaning, but the basics are:

  • Not only safe, but BENEFICIAL to your environment
  • They minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, allergens and odors.
  • They’re the only cleaning solutions that continue working for days – disinfectant lasts seconds!
  • Probiotics do not promote bacterial resistance, like disinfectants and harmful chemicals do.
  • To achieve the maximum and lasting benefits, they should be used regularly throughout the home on all surfaces you clean.

Disinfecting is much like using antibiotics. It kills ALL the living organisms in an area. This may be necessary in certain cases, but it comes with a price. When you kill all bacteria on a surface, you’re not able to remove all those cells, and you’ve left behind a buffet table of dead bacterial cells. New growth comes within minutes, feeding on the dead cells and hiding behind biofilms that quickly develop resistances, rendering disinfectants useless.

This may seem scary, but actually, bacteria is not all bad. In fact, it’s essential for all living things. We refer to good bacteria as “probiotics.” Bacteria knows that when it’s population size exceeds the amount of food, it will stop reproducing, so replacing bad bacteria (like salmanella) with probiotics, you prevent the growth of the bad bacteria in the area. This is probiotic sanitizing, and it’s much more effective than using disinfectants. When you treat a surface with probiotics, you aren’t killing anything, you’re just overpopulating that surface with healthy beneficial bacteria that will stop unhealthy bacteria from populating. Salomanella can only infect a human when the population size has grown immensely. Controlling the population size protects your family’s health.

It never works to go head to head against Mother Nature. Going WITH Mother Nature is the only way to do things.

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