At Citrus Plus, we use a Very Low Moisture(VLM) process in conjunction with our citrus based cleaning solution to provide the best, longest lasting results in the carpet cleaning industry.  Compare our process to the steam cleaning process, and the advantages are clear!


If you want to deliver beautiful, lasting results when cleaning, it’s critical to eliminate sticky soap and detergents from the formula, and to minimize the amount of moisture that is used.

Citrus Plus’ unique carpet cleaning process does both!

  1. We pre-vacuum the carpet, including along the baseboards and hard to reach areas using a HEPA filtered Lindhaus Healthcare Pro Vacuum that’s also filtering your breathing air at the same time.
  2. Then we apply a safe, effective, SOAP FREE cleaning solution with the added power of Citrus to pre-treat the carpet. You also have the option to add probiotic sanitizer as well to eradicate harmful bacteria, germs, and allergens.
  3. Next, we agitate with a 175 RPM rotary brush and bonnet method to neutralize dis-colorants, break stubborn spills and soils free from the carpet fiber, and to bring the deeply embedded soils and contaminants to the surface.
  4. Finally, we finish vacuum the carpet to capture those soils brought to the surface, and to leave a beautifully finished appearance.
Citrus Plus Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process

When you compare our VLM cleaning method to traditional steam cleaning (see illustration), the advantages are clear!

We also understand the need for water extraction in certain cases, and we can offer our clients this service using top of the line equipment that brush agitates and water rinses the carpet.

This is typically offered for restaurants, or cleaning of a more restorative nature.

Since the agitation is done with brushes rather than high pressure water spray (a hybrid water extraction / brush method), much less moisture is used and the carpet is dry in a fraction of the time you’d expect - about 4-5 hours.

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