1. Our primary cleaning ingredients, D-Limonene and Citric Acid are naturally occurring and are the muscle in the formula breaking down grease, ink, paint, and other tough contaminant.  Our ready to use formula is safe, non toxic, biodegradable and very effective. Our probiotic sanitizer is all natural, organic, beneficial bacteria — like what you find in yogurt!
  2. We employ a VLM (very low moisture) cleaning process and conserve water without polluting. On average, we use about .75 gal of liquid per room, whereas traditional water extraction can use upwards of 1.5 gallons/minute or 90 gallons per hour!
  3. We’re paperless.
  4. We do not run fuel burning generators, pumps or motors during cleaning.
  5. With CitrusPlus, your carpets stay cleaner longer, last longer, and you won’t need to have them cleaned as often. This keeps them out of the landfill longer between replacements.
  6. Our carbon footprint and waste is reduced by buying and shipping our cleaning solutions to us in bulk, concentrated form, and diluted in reusable 5 gallon containers, therefore reducing packaging, shipping weight, and energy.
  7. No aerosol or other propellants are used to apply our solution, we only use a manual pump sprayer.
  8. We also try to minimize our fuel consumption by using fuel efficient 4-cylinder vehicles averaging around 27 mpg. We make every attempt to group jobs together geographically to cut down on drive time and fuel consumption.
  9. We strive to grow our company primarily by word of mouth referrals and networking, without bulk mailing or spam emailing, and with minimal paper advertising. We hate spam and waste mail as much as you do.
  10. Our vacuums have washable filters — not disposable. They are designed to be broken down and cleaned regularly. They’re sanitized and maintained daily to extend service life and keep them out of the landfill.

Environmental and Biological Responsibility

We’re More Than Just “Green”… We’re ORANGE!

We take environmental and biological responsibility seriously and continually look for new methods to improve the way we do business.  Our planet and it’s occupants are worth it! We encourage you to consider the products and services you choose based upon your own criteria, instead of leaving it up to a “Green Certification Company” or government entity to set the standards; or choosing just because a label says “All Natural”.  Think about it — tobacco, opium, lead, carbon monoxide, and mercury are “All Natural” too…

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