There are A LOT of carpet cleaning companies out there to choose from. So what do you do, pick the cheapest one, right? I wouldn’t - the adage “you get what you pay for” most definitely applies to the carpet cleaning industry. If you pay a really low price and get a mediocre job, soaked carpet, a bad experience, and the results don’t last - will you be satisfied? When considering carpet cleaning, there are different cleaning methods, different cleaning products or “chemicals” with varying degrees of toxicity, and certainly differences in eco and bio friendliness, business practices, ethics, and pricing policies.

So Why Choose Citrus Plus?

Our Unique Carpet Cleaning Process

Our unique, very low moisture (“VLM”) carpet cleaning process uses a rotary brush and bonnet to agitate and deep clean the carpet, instead of high pressure water  in the “steam cleaning, or hot water extraction” methods.

  1. We vacuum the carpet thoroughly while it’s dry, using a hospital grade, HEPA filtered vacuum
  2. We apply our citrus cleaning solution throughout, with special attention to spots and high traffic areas.
  3. We agitate with a rotary brush and bonnet system especially made for the carpet cleaning industry, and bring encapsulated soils up to the surface.
  4. We finish vacuum, leaving the carpet clean and beautiful.  We also recommend you vacuum again the day after, for even better cleaning.

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Business Practices

First and foremost, you can trust that we are honest, ethical, polite and professional - always.

Our pricing is transparent - we are the very rare carpet cleaning company who posts prices - without hidden charges.  Our terms and conditions are available too, so you can see, for example, how big of a room we’ll clean for $60.00.

Our service is “all inclusive”.  We don’t charge extra for vacuuming or treating spots, stains, or odors.

We don’t hard sell you on options (or anything).

We GIVE you (yes FREE) a bottle of our spot cleaner

We’re earth and bio friendly.

We’re high tech and paperless.

  • Email appointment confirmation
  • Text message with our ETA the day of service - you can even watch online as we navigate to you.
  • Laser measuring tools for precision and efficiency
  • Paperless transaction

We’re progressive and promote probiotic sanitizing - the most effective and safest way to clean

Environmentally Responsible

We’re not only “Green”, we’re your ORANGE carpet cleaning professionals!

  • Our solution is safe, all natural, Green Seal certified, soap free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
  • We’re drought friendly!  We use about 1 gallon of water per room, as compared to many times that with steam cleaning.
  • We offer probiotic treatment, which is BENEFICIAL to your environment.
  • Buying highly concentrated ingredients in bulk reduces packaging and shipping impacts.
  • Our fleet uses fuel efficient vehicles.
  • We’re paperless.

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The Bay Area's 1st and Only Carpet Cleaning Company offering Probiotics

We believe that the use of probiotics is the future of the cleaning industry, and we’re the first and only residential carpet cleaning company in The Bay Area to offer them to you.  There’s so much to know to understand the use of probiotics in carpet cleaning, but the basics are:

  • Not only safe, but BENEFICIAL to your environment
  • They minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, allergens and odors.
  • They’re the only cleaning solutions that continue working for days - disinfectant lasts seconds!
  • Probiotics do not promote bacterial resistance, like disinfectants and harmful chemicals do.
  • To achieve the maximum and lasting benefits, they should be used regularly throughout the home on all surfaces you clean.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what real clients say about our carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services:

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