Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors.  Indoor air is full of harmful pollutants that are invisible to the human eye, but are very apparent to the lungs.  The levels of pollutants may be 200% to 500% higher indoors than outdoors! Someone with allergies can be tremendously affected by the air quality in their home and not even know it.

Every time someone walks across the carpet, pollutants are released into the air.  These pollutants can stay airborne for over an hour. In an average home this will always occur, but the amount of pollutants can be reduced by the condition of the carpet.  Carpet cleaning is foremost a health issue, and secondarily an appearance issue. Citrus Plus creates a neutralizing barrier between those allergens in the carpet and the clean air you should be breathing.  The EPA lists indoor air quality as the 4th largest environmental threat to our country.

Things You Can Do:
1. Reduce the humidity in your home
Dust mites cannot drink, so they can only live in humidity higher than 50%, and they thrive in humidity over 70%.
2. Clean your bed linens often
Use hot water, and wash them at least once a week.
3. Vacuum your kitchen and hard surface floors at least once a week
Use a high quality vacuum with a HEPA air filter to prevent dust from running through the vacuum and back in to your home.
4. Change your furnace filter often
Save energy and your lungs! The quality of your recirculating air is greatly influenced by the quality and cleanliness of your furnace filter.
5. Clean the air ducts and registers in your home
6. Consider an air purification system for your heating and cooling system
Consult with an HVAC professional contractor
7. Groom and bathe your pets often outdoors
Remove excess hair and dander, and maintain a healthy coat and skin.

How Citrus Plus Can Help:
When your carpets are cleaned using the Citrus Plus Cleaning Process, they are more than just clean. Cleaning your carpet and upholstery will greatly reduce dust mites and many other problematic household allergens from the environment. Furthermore, sanitizing with probiotics will add beneficial bacteria to the environment, who will continue to consume allergens and biofilm, create enzymes to break down contaminants, and drastically reduce harmful bacteria and their odors. We can even apply this beneficial probiotic throughout the house, and are happy to provide you with resources and information on safe, natural, beneficial probiotic products you can use going forward in your every day cleaning routines.

The Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America also states that one in every 5 adults and children suffer from allergies. Learning how to control your household environment and reducing allergen levels is important in managing these increasingly common conditions.  Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Citrus Plus is an important step towards reducing these allergens.