Carpet Cleaning Services


We have two processes with which we clean carpet and upholstery. In most cases, our Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning process will provide you with amazing, long lasting results. This is our “go-to” process because it’s fast drying, unobtrusive, environmentally friendly, cleans great, and protects your carpet and upholstery after the cleaning is finished, so that cleaning up future spills and stains will be easier.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaner is a proprietary blend created with a unique and all-natural citrus solvent. It is non-toxic, green seal certified, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, natural, and soap free with no sticky residue. The citrus is the “muscle” that breaks down grease and heavy grime. We also use a specialized rotary brush and bonnet method to neutralize dis-colorants, break stubborn spills and soils free from the carpet fiber, and to bring the deeply embedded soils and contaminants to the surface to be removed.

In more extreme cases like chronic pet accidents, heavy soils, or liquid contaminants that require restorative carpet cleaning, we use a powerful method called Water Extraction. We do not charge extra for this, although many companies do. After this process, we’ll provide you with your own bottle of Citrus Plus Cleaning Solution, so that you can clean up any spills immediately with something that is going to protect your carpet and furniture.

Other Surfaces


Upholstery & Luxury Fabrics

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, regular upholstery cleaning is a must! Our upholstery cleaning process always begins with pre-vacuuming, a special touch for a good foundation of cleanliness. Then we hand agitate it with a hand bonnet, breaking up any grease and grime, and applying citrus to kill dust mites. Then it’s given a final rinse to extract all of the dirt. Our water extraction cleans up to a quarter inch into the fabric. Our probiotics deep dive in the fabric, accessing the allergens that no vacuum could possibly reach. Velvet, Mohair, and Leather require specialized products and processes, as well as extensive knowledge on how to properly clean and protect the different materials. We can take good care of your luxury furniture.

Tile and Grout

Over time dirt and grime can make tile floors lackluster if not sealed and maintained properly. No matter how much we mop or wash tile and grout, dirty water and minute particles become embedded into the crevices in the floor and the grout unless you properly seal it. Our process includes heat, safe cleaning solutions, brush agitation, and the best hard floor cleaning tools made to break up the dirt and wash it away. If grout has not been maintained, we highly recommend color sealing. It’s a once and done solution leaving your floor looking like new – for good! The grout is no longer porous because it’s permanently sealed in the color of your choice, and protected from microbials. Every time you wash it, the grout will look new again!

Stone Cleaning & Restoration

Natural stone and porous tile have to be treated with special care. As a former Realtor and now floor and furniture specialist, one of the biggest mistakes I see owners of natural stone flooring make is not ensuring that the floor is properly and well sealed regularly. If water beads up on the stone and grout, you’re in good shape. If its absorbed in to them, it’s time to seal before it’s too late! The idea is to maintain the floors protective layer, so dirt never gets in to the unprotected stones finish. Apply a clear seal over the tile to protect the beauty of your investment. If your stone surfaces have been exposed to acids and detergents, or have otherwise been damaged, we can restore and polish them back to a brilliant shine.

Hardwood Flooring

Over time, wood floors will show their age with wear patterns and build up from day-to-day life. Do not neglect your wood floors! We attract soil to our feet…soil is abrasive….when walking, we abrade the finish. Without regular maintenance and occasional deep cleaning, the floor finishes on your once beautiful wood floors will prematurely wear. The home shown here is maintained impeccably, and that shows after we deep cleaned the high traffic lane. The finish is sparkling and reflecting light, rather than dull or faded. Citrus Plus offers a gentle and beneficial treatment for your wood floors using a probiotic cleaner and a specialized power scrubber, designed specifically for hardwood floor maintenance.


For outdoor surfaces such as concrete, brick, pavers, slate, and wood, we use a water-only pressure washer. With up to 4,200 PSI of power, we can hydro blast stained concrete, or gently exfoliate a delicate slate walkway. Once we’ve gotten the surface restored, we apply a protective sealer to enhance the appearance and protect the surface from stains and the elements for years to come.

Bamboo, Cork, CVT, & Other Types of Flooring

Citrus Plus has a wide service range. We offer safe, effective, hygenic improvement to all home flooring – not just carpet. Hardwood, tile, bamboo, stone, cork, cvt, and rubber all need cleaning too! When was the last time your gym or Bikram Yoga studio cleaned their flooring? Mopping (the act of pushing dirty water around on a floor) doesn’t clean it. We have state-of-the-art equipment that will! We use a probiotic cleaner that will leave the floors sanitized and shielded from bacterial growth long after we’re gone.

Fine Rug Handwashing and Repair Services

Sometime our rugs need extra love. We offer area rug repair such as fringe replacement, side surging, moth damage repair, and more! In addition, we also offer hand washing, the most effective, yet gentle method you can use. If it’s a flat woven tribal rug, that luscious shag rug, or delicate fibers like silk, hemp, jute or rayon, we know how to properly clean it, and we’ll treat it well.

Have a section of wall to wall carpet that needs to be repaired? Ask us for a referral. We trust only the best in the bay to serve our clients needs for carpet repairs. Burns, bleach, tears, patches, re-stretching – you name it, Citrus Plus can help you to make it look like it never happened.

Did Fluffy have an accident of your area rug? …Was it an accident or intentional? Either way, we will treat it with an enzyme wash so you and Fluffy can forget all about it.