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If you can walk
or sit on it,
we can clean it.

We use the most effective and healthy cleaning solutions available, with respect to our clients, employees and planet. We believe in honesty, ethics, and transparency in our pricing and our product.

What Makes Citrus Plus So Unique?

  1. Our Products

    We use patented natural products that are revolutionizing the cleaning industry. They’re non-toxic, and support long-term resistance to harmful bacteria and allergens in your home.

  2. Our Practices

    We have amazing employees, who are invested in the health of our company. We show up on time, and provide customer service with integrity.

  3. Our Pricing

    Many cleaners will give you a low price up front, but charge outrageous additional fees for necessary services after the project has started. We give all our prices up front with total transparency, because we believe that trust is the foundation of a healthy customer relationship.

  4. Our Process

    We offer a unique Very Low Moisture (VLM) process in our carpet & upholstery cleaning, which provides exceptional results with faster drive times and a less intrusive experience. We also offer water extraction for customers with pet stains or heavily soiled surfaces. Our price is the same for both. We use the process that best addresses the needs of each of our clients. Our other cleaning services also employ specialized processes that provide high quality and long-lasting cleanliness.

  5. Our Probiotics!

    Disinfecting is BAD! Disinfecting actually increases harmful bacterial population and their resistance to sanitization. Our revolutionary probiotic products sanitize your home by combating harmful bacteria directly. They provide a protective shield. Citrus Plus’ probiotic products are a health benefit that Citrus Plus is the ONLY carpet cleaning company you will find that offers probiotic sanitizing.

Our Products Go Above and Beyond

Wine spills, high traffic lanes, pet problems, tile and grout mold, and all of life’s
little “uh ohhh’s”.. if it’s removable, Citrus Plus can remove it!

We serve Silicon Valley, California, from San Mateo to San Jose, with locations in Denver, Colorado.


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